Current Conditions Wilkins Elementary School

Wilkins Current Conditions Gallery

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Key Issues at Wilkins

  • Space constraints are determining educational programming
  • Inadequate number of classrooms for current population
  • Four classrooms (approximately 80 students) are housed in portables that are nearing end of life
  • Inadequate space for special education and intervention services
  • Inadequate acoustical separation, particularly in special education areas
  • Dislocated grade levels due to space constraints
  • Classrooms without sinks
  • Significant ADA accessibility issues, particularly restrooms
  • Several compromised fire walls
  • Poor air quality (due to older mechanical systems) resulting in highly variable temperatures in many rooms
  • Site paving at end of life
  • Lack of separate cafeteria and gymnasium spaces
  • Missing classrooms to accommodate target class sizes
  • Missing classrooms to accommodate 5th grade at the elementary level
  • All mechanical systems are at end-of-life, and need to be replaced
  • All plumbing systems are at end-of-life, and should be replaced with code-compliant systems
  • All electrical systems are inadequate for a modern technology rich school environment, and should be replaced
  • Emergency electrical systems are inadequate, as there is no generator
  • Lighting is at end-of-life, not energy efficient, and should be replaced