What are our options at SHS?


Complete Renovate/Refurbish

Improve current facilities with significant renovations and repairs to address the top issues.


Plan Details
  • HVAC
  • Complete Interior Renovation
Build New

Partial Renovate/Refurbish SHS

Essential Renovations and Targeted Priorities.

Costs Vary By Priority

Plan Details
  • Renovation costs vary depending on scope as determined by SCSB
  • Science Labs – $450,000 – $1,041,000
  • Secure Main Entrance – $250,000 – $716,000
  • Locker Rooms – $75,000 – $1.115,000
Build New

JFAC Recommendation, SHS

Partial Renovation & Refurbish of SHS

*Recommended to wait and prioritize after Amherst building projects commence* 


Areas to Renovate

Science Labs

The current science labs lack adequate space.

The SCSB has identified the science labs as a place of needed improvement to deliver curriculum  at a higher standard.

Locker Rooms

The girls’ and boys’ lockers are due for renovation.

 Secure Main Entrance

The main entrance of Souhegan enters directly into student and staff accessible  areas.

Community Council worked on a safety analysis that suggests securing the campus, particularly  at the main entrance.

Varying levels of design available to make this happen.