The following information was gathered by the Joint Facilities Advisory Committee through the end of 2020.  Since the hiring on Banwell Architects, continued review and refinement are underway. 

Kick the Can

Kick the Can

Do nothing and make the bare minimum critical repairs as needed.


Plan Details
  • Accomplish Deferred Maintenance Projects From Reports
  • Replace Heating/Ventilation System
  • Replace Lighting Systems
  • Replace Security System
  • Refurbish Kitchen Equipment
  • Repair/Replace Roof
  • Replace Windows
  • Replace/Renovate Plumbing
  • Invests in Clark despite lack of expansion potential 
  • Requires Portable/Temp Classrooms to accommodate lack of classrooms
  • Maintains 2 buildings for Elementary (added staff and costs)

Renovate / Refurbish

Improve current facilities with significant renovations and repairs to address the top issues.


Plan Details
  • Addresses all items in the “Kick the Can” Scenario
  • Creates Great Education Space
  • Creates “Like New” facility at Wilkins
  • Requires New Construction / Addition at Wilkins top accommodate lack of Classrooms
  • Maintains 2-3 buildings for Elementary (added staff and costs)
  • Creates a lengthy phased construction effort
Build New

Build New

Build  A new Elementary at the Wilkins School Site.


Plan Details
  • Creates State of the Art Ideal Space
  • Allows for Consolidation to 1 Elementary School Site
    (lowers operating expenses)
  • Costs are similar to Renovation / Addition Option
  • Potential for the Most Energy Efficient Facility
  • Simplest Construction Phasing
Build New


JFAC Recommendation, Clark-Wilkins

Build a New Elementary School

Why build new?

  • Cost comparative to renovation
  • Addresses the sustained high cost of operating antiquated systems
  • Allows for Consolidation to 1 Elementary School Site
  • Creates an optimal educational space PK – 5


(2) Pre-K Rooms at Clark

(7) Kindergarten at Clark

(6) 1st Grade Classrooms at Wilkins

(7) 2nd Grade Classrooms at Wilkins

(6) 3rd Grade Classrooms at Wilkins

(2) 4th Grade Classrooms at Wilkins

(4) 4th Grade Classrooms in Portables/Temp

Results in 34 General Classrooms


(1) Multi-purpose Room at Clark + (1) Multi-purpose Room at Wilkins

(1) Kitchen at Clark + (1) Kitchen at Wilkins

(1) Library at Clark+ (1) Library at Wilkins

(1) Art/Music at Clark + (1) Music and (1) Art at Wilkins

55,200 square feet at Wilkins

27,000 square feet at Clark

82,200 square feet combined



(2) Pre-K Rooms

(9) Kindergarten

(9) 1st Grade Classrooms

(9) 2nd Grade Classrooms

(9) 3rd Grade Classrooms

(8) 4th Grade Classrooms

(8) 5th Grade Classrooms

Results in 54 General Classrooms


(1) Gym (sub dividable to 2 areas)

(1) Cafeteria/MP Room

(1) Kitchen

(1) Library /Media Center

(2) Music Rooms

(2) Art Rooms

Created Common Area in Center of Building

Integrated / Expanded Special Education Case Manager spaces

Integrated / Expanded Small Group Learning Areas (Breakout Spaces)

All New secure entrance sequence

All New HVAC systems with healthier, more efficient systems

All New Electrical and Technology Systems to match modern needs

Complete reconstruction of Site (like new)

All New energy efficient exterior envelope (windows, doors, roofs, walls)

All new code complaint plumbing systems

163,500 Square Feet



What About Clark?

SHORT TERM, 3-5 Years

  • Continue utilizing as a school
  • Utilize as swing space during  construction


  •  A number of possibilities and ideas exist
  • All will require additional input from  the community and boards